About me

Marina Rei is international bestselling author, entrepreneur and coach. She has become an authority on self-leadership and is internationally sought for her expertise. Her professional work has gifted her with a range of skills that include international relations and business, hospitality, teaching, coaching, psychotherapy and energy management.

Marina is on a global mission to empower other leaders in harnessing their full potential and power within to effect change in the world.
Marina has woven all the gold in over 20 years of her personal growth, healing, and professional development into her coaching and her programs.
Marina merged the wisdom of the East and West to create her Inner Healer and Inner Leader activation program that helps people fully step into their power, presence and purpose.

Her Master Within meditation course teaches deep meditation and transforms people’s lives, personally and professionally.

Marina is a true master at following her intuition and travels frequently.

Marina’s Story

Marina grew up in Croatia. War broke out when she was just 14 years old, and this played a crucial part in her journey. She could see the suffering and powerlessness of people around her, and she learnt early on that the world could be a cruel place to live in.

Curious to understand the causes of conflicts and of the people’s suffering and unhappiness, she felt a strong calling to make this world a better place, to make a positive contribution, in some way, to the wellbeing of others.This first led her to a teaching degree in Croatia, with a research focus on Emotional Intelligence. For many years after that, she enjoyed working with children and guiding their young hearts and minds.With a passion for international experiences and a thirst for reaching a wider audience in her life’s work, in 2004, she bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia! Life led her to many more experiences, and, with her base in pedagogy and teaching from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, Marina also brings to you the knowledge from her Masters Degree in International Relations from Macquarie University, Sydney, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney.She has also been trained in positive psychology and coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, energy bodywork and family constellations, Vedic mantra and meditation. She blends all of her experiences and knowledge in her programmes and coaching.Feeling a strong call to work with people looking to make a difference, Marina has woven together all that she has absorbed and distilled, the very best of it into her highly transformative coaching program.

Marina’s mission and passion is to share how to be an Empowered Visionary Leader and create peace, abundance and prosperity for all.

Her driving force and motto is
Powered from Within.

Marina believes that we all have innate power within us and living a fulfilling abundant life is our birthright.

Marina believes
– that your vibration, your energy management is your super power
– that your inner power and potential is limitless
– that conscious visionary leaders have influence to shape the world while making a positive difference

When you as a leader evolve, transform & grow into your authentic & empowered self your goals and your Self becomes realized.

Living from realized & visionary Self, shifts impossible to possible and raises your leadership to all other level.