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About Marina

Marina Rei is international bestselling author, entrepreneur and coach. She has become an authority on self-leadership and is internationally sought for her expertise. Her professional work has gifted her with a range of skills that include international relations and business, hospitality, teaching, coaching, psychotherapy and energy management.

Marina is on a global mission to empower other leaders in harnessing their full potential and power within to effect change in the world.
Marina has woven all the gold in over 20 years of her personal growth, healing, and professional development into her coaching and her programs.
Marina merged the wisdom of the East and West to create her Inner Healer and Inner Leader activation program that helps people fully step into their power, presence and purpose.

Her Master Within meditation course teaches deep meditation and transforms people’s lives, personally and professionally.

Marina is a true master at following her intuition and travels frequently.

Empower yourself and master your energy.

Be in alignment with what success is for you.

Breakthrough from limiting beliefs.

Gain clarity on your purpose and mission.

Emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Be an empowered leader.

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